In addition to the wonderful flavors from chili peppers, they provide many positive attributes that promote good health through nutrition. Following is a list of promising results in the use of chili peppers for medicinal purposes. (Please note that this is not to be used as substitute for professional medical advice.)

Fight Inflammation
Inhibits Substance P; a neuropeptide associated with inflammation. The hotter the better!
Natural Pain Relief
Topical treatment for Osteo Arthritis
Pain management of Diabetic Neuropathy
Cardiovascular Benefits
Red chilies (cayenne) reduce fibin levels; an integral component of blood clot formation. Cultures using lots of chilies have fewer heart attacks, pulmonary embolisms and strokes.
Weight Loss
Increased heat production and oxygen consumption burn calories
Congestion Relief
Stimulates Gland secretions to clear mucus
Immunity Booster
High content of Beta Carotene in red chilies
Vitamin A; essential for healthy mucus membranes in nasal passages, lungs, Intestinal and urinary tract. First line of body’s defense against invading pathogens
Lowers spread of Prostate Cancer
-Capsaicin kills prostate cancer cells stimulated by male hormon-Lessens the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) by inhibiting the Di Hydro Testosterone (which is the most potent form of testosterone to generate PSA)
-Impact dosage: 400mg, three times a week with approx weight of 200 lbs
Prevent Stomach Ulcers
Kills ingested bacteria and stimulates cell lining in stomach to secrete protective buffering juices